Tales from the AfterworlD
Book 1

Interview with Death

A man on the edge.
A message from Death.
A chance to change his life forever.
Nathan Miller is living the dream.
He’s at the pinnacle of success with
the perfect wife and family.
And thanks to the Man in Black,
he’s indestructible
(or so it seems).
But Nathan’s world is built
on lies and regret.
As guilt grips him,
Nathan finds solace
in a devil of a guardian angel.
Instead of solace,
he finds a spiraling nightmare
that ends with a gun at his head
and a once in eternity offer
from the Man in Black.
Will Nathan Miller survive his Interview with Death?
And if so, will he accept what Death has to offer?
Accidental Healer
Tales from the Afterworld
Book 2

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